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Unitec Informatik respects your right to privacy. We will not sell your name to a third party without your express consent.

Because your privacy is important to us, we describe when and how we collect and use such information.

Collection of Personal Information

Opt-In Methods

  1. Demo Software
    We ask for personal information from those who download and/or install Unitec demo software. You are not required to provide such personal information.

Methods Where We Need Information (Not Opt-In)

  1. Order Placement
    When you place an order online, we collect information about you, including your name, address and possibly credit card information. This information is necessary for us to process and complete your order.
  2. Product Registration
    Product registration information includes the product acquired as well as your name, address, and e-mail address and telephone and/or fax number. Unitec has always reserved the right to limit free technical support to registered users. The only way to assure that you will be entitled to free technical support for a product in the future is to register with Unitec.

    Product upgrade pricing and some special offers are only available to registered users.

  3. Beta Test Software
    Unitec may, at its discretion, require that all those who wish to use its pre-release software (beta) to provide Unitec with their name and e-mail address. Unitec may also choose to prevent beta versions of its software from installing or running if such information is not provided to us.

Anonymous Information Collection

  1. Web site and FTP site visits
    Unitec collects general usage information about visitors coming to our Web and FTP sites.

    About Cookies
    Sometimes our Web and FTP server may collect general information with the help of cookies. A cookie is a small file that a Web site writes to your hard drive when you visit that site. Cookies can not read information from your hard drive or read information from other cookies. If you turn off cookies in your Web browser, you will still be able to access and browse the Unitec Web and FTP site.


Use of Personal Information

Unitec may use personal information that it has collected to:

  • Provide you with notices of new information that may be of use or interest to you. This may include newsletters, tutorials, Web site update notices, or notification on the availability of new products, product updates, maintenance releases, and beta versions of products.
  • Warn you of the impending termination of the trial period of evaluation versions of our software.
  • Register licensed copies of the product in your name. We do not keep credit card information as part of your product registration.
  • Determine at our discretion your eligibility to receive product support on evaluation versions of our software.
  • Survey you (and others) in an attempt to improve our Web site, our products, or our business.
  • Notify you of third-party products that we believe might be of interest to you. Unitec will not share personal information with third parties without first obtaining your express consent.
  • Improve the quality of our Web site. Unitec does not collect information about individual users surreptitiously.
  • Help us analyze general traffic patterns throughout our site.


Further Information for Citizens of the European Union (EU)

The EU has adopted a privacy directive substantially regulating the privacy rights of citizens of the countries of the European Union. Unitec therefore provides the following information to you if you are such a person.

Unitec is located in Switzerland. Any information that you provide to Unitec will be transferred out of the EU to Switzerland. If you do not wish your personal information to leave the EU, do not provide the information over the Internet.

Any personal information provided to Unitec by a citizen of the EU will be used by Unitec as described above for any other person

Order Placement
You must provide us with your name, credit card number, expiration date, type, and billing address. You must also provide the address to which the product is to be shipped. If you do not provide the information, then we cannot accept nor fulfill the order.

Your credit card type, number and expiration date will be maintained by Unitec only for a period reasonably calculated to assure that Unitec has received payment for its product(s). This information is not maintained in our databases thereafter.

In addition, an e-mail address and a telephone number would assist us in contacting you should there be a problem with your order.

Unless you direct to the contrary, any of the personal information you provide with your order will be maintained by Unitec in its product registration database.

Product Registration
Unitec's use of your personal information provided to us with a product registration is as disclosed above.

Unless you direct to the contrary, any of the personal information you provide with a product registration will be maintained by Unitec in its product registration database.

Use of Information
In addition to the general information provided above with respect to how Unitec will use your personal information, you should be aware of the following:

Unitec will provide your personal information to certain of its technical support subcontractors in the EU. Unitec will attempt to provide the information to the technical support subcontractors Unitec estimates you might call to assure that, should you need technical support, you will be able to receive it. Unitec may provide your information to more than one such subcontractor. In many cases a technical support subcontractor and a distributor may be the same company.

Unitec will provide your personal information to its distributors located in the EU so that the distributors may notify you of upgrades, updates, and new products.

Unitec may provide a location in the EU to which you may mail your product registration information. Such product registration address may be with a subcontractor of Unitec. At any time it is legally permissible to transfer that information to Unitec in Switzerland, Unitec will do so. Unitec may at anytime cause such subcontractor to transfer your personal information to Unitec or a subsidiary of Unitec located in the EU.

Review, Change, and Correction of Personal Information

You may review, change, or correct any personal information including the permitted uses of your personal information and addition of your information to the "do not share" list by contacting Unitec at:

Unitec Informatik
Customer Service
Im Lot 10
CH-8610 Uster, Switzerland
Fax: +41 44 994 3402

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