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As a Swiss based company, our reference prices are in Swiss Francs. For your convenience we have added the quotes in US$ at an average exchange rate. Please note that these prices may have to be adjusted when significant changes of the currency relationship occur. 

CSS - Commercial Spooling System




CSS 5 users Linux 1'500.-   970.-  
  SCO Unix 2'000.-   1'290.-  
DEC, HP, IBM, Sun 2'500.-   1'600.-  
CSS additional 5 users 500.-   320.-  
WinCss per client 200.-   130.-  


UCM - Unitec Communication Manager




UCM Server Development Linux, Unix 1'000.-   640.-  
Windows NT 1'000.-   640.-  
UCM Client 200.-   130.-  


JAC - Java Applet Collection

The price of this future product is not fixed yet.


Unitec Upgrade Subscription

The Unitec Upgrade Subscription entitles for free product upgrades. The price is 12.5% of the overall product price per year.

Details of the Unitec Upgrade Subscription


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