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As the name implies, FreeCSS is made available to you at no cost for your personal, non-commercial use and for educational or evaluation purposes.

What's the Catch?

Absolutely no catch. More than 25,000 users worldwide already take advantage of the commercial version of CSS. But we want to spread this excellent product even further. Hopefully this will inspire you to use CSS at your work or in your own business. To do this, you will then need to purchase a license from Unitec. Software companies considering to integrate CSS into their products, please contact Unitec sales.

Functional Overview

FreeCSS has the full power of the commercial version and has no functional restrictions. The number of users and the number of printers are both limited to 2. The number of queued reports is limited to 30. The FreeCSS limitations should normally not impose any restrictions for personal, non-commercial use.

Q: OK it's free, but how do you pay your bills?
A: Glad you asked! Even though developing high standard products is our passion, we need to generate an income out of our work. We want you to use our product and to explore its power. Once you are convinced about the flexibility and functionality of CSS, you may consider to use it commercially and hopefully become a Unitec customer.
Q: Can I also use WinCss?
A: Yes you can. The free license lets you use any combination of ASCII and WinCss interface programs, limited to 2.
Q: Why are there built-in limitations?
A: While we belief in the honesty of human race, unfortunately experience draws another picture. We just don't want you to use FreeCSS for commercial use, period. So please remember that cheating is not only unfair, but it is fraud and a criminal act that will be prosecuted to the maximum extent.
Q: I got the message. Where can I get the software?
A: You can navigate to the CSS download area to get the software for your Unix version (release 4.0 or later is required). Not all builds for the supported Unix derivates are release at the same time. If the build you are looking for is not there yet, don't panic. Check back later. Unitec does not guarantee the availability of CSS on all existing platforms and has no obligation to initiate porting activities due to FreeCSS user requests. If you plan to use WinCss you should download it too.

To get your FreeCSS license, please follow the link at the bottom of the CSS download page.

Q: Where's the manual?
A: In the download section of the navigator on the left side of this page you can locate the manual area for CSS. You can choose between different formats. If you work on a Windows workstation, the MS HTML Help format is your best option. Unix users need the generic HTML format. The WinCss Help file is included in the setup package. You may also want to download the CSS Jump-Start document for further reference.

configuration requires some Unix knowledge, technical skills and thorough study of the related sections in the manual. If you feel uncomfortable, please get help from an experienced friend.
Q: Can I get Unitec support?
A: Yes, you will find answers to the most common questions in the FAQ section on this Web site. We are however not able to provide individual support for FreeCSS. Feel free to contribute questions for the FAQ support page. The infrastructure for paid support is under construction. 
Q: What about FreeUCM?
A: We have plans to make FreeUCM available starting with the next release, hang on.
Feedback, Comments, Cheering

Yes, we love it. Send your comments to freecss-feedback@unitec.ch

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CSS download page

CSS manual download page

FreeCss license page

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