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Don't bother about communication!

UCM Highlights

Concentrate on your application problems and build sophisticated Client/Server software without the hassle of TCP/IP internals.

The Unitec Communication Manager UCM is a sophisticated inter-process communication system. In a Client/Server environment, it allows easy data transfer between Unix or Windows NT and Windows processes. For server developers, UCM provides a communication library with a standard ANSI C interface. The Windows UCM software has been implemented by using state of the art OLE/COM technology in order to achieve unmatched speed. UCM is serving thousands of satisfied users.

UCM is available for multiple development platforms. A sample Cobol interface library gives you a quick start for the transition of host based applications to the state of the art Unix-Windows Client/Server model. Integrate and use the features of most major Windows applications through OLE Automation or DDE links. Save time and money by including widely available third party development components such as Active-X Controls (OCX) for graphics, spread sheets, tool bars, Fax integration and so on.


The UCM communication manager is available for:


SCO Unix


Windows NT

Windows NT (Alpha)


DEC Unix

Others upon request 


Where to Get More Information

Take a look at the UCM HTML manual: 

Commercial Spooling System Browse the Manual online

Commercial Spooling System Download the Manual for offline viewing


Commercial Spooling System Download the UCM ActiveX Help File


Where to Buy UCM

International Representatives

Order and Sales Inquiries


Send messages to and receive messages from other UCM controls located on any form of the same or a different process

Send messages to and receive messages from services provided by one or more processes located on any remote system in the net

Design sophisticated, event driven applications by using the automatic program launch feature on the arrival of predefined message types

Extremely easy to use Windows communication. Sending data to a server process on a remote system is done by a simple assignment statement to the OutputMsg property of an UCM ActiveX control. If incoming data is available, events will be fired and the message can be accessed in the InputMsg property. Everything else is completely handled by UCM!

Asynchronous communication supports multiple, well behaving concurrent Windows UCM tasks

UCM uses message data compression to reduce net traffic

New in Release 2.0

Heart beat functionality prevents zombie server processes on ungraceful client termination

Additional C and Cobol functions for client processing for systems not supporting ActiveX controls


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