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CSS Highlights

Tired of providing phone support to cancel a print job? Tired of

... you have to login as root
... can you see the shell prompt?
... now type lpq, that's l, p, q
... did you hit the Enter key?
... what do you see?

Endless frustration - stop it now. Get rid of the limited standard Unix spooler. Integrate CSS into your applications! It's the ultimate pain reliever, proven by thousands of users.

The CSS package consists of a collection of programs and utilities providing sophisticated control of all print activity on UNIX systems. Functionality and operation of CSS are specially designed to cover the needs of commercial applications. The user interface is an easy to operate dialog program allowing the administration of multiple printers, forms and report queues.

The add-on product WinCss is available for state-of-the art Client/Server environments. WinCss enables the end-user to control all aspects of CSS printer and report administration of the spooler located on a server system.


The CSS spooler is available for


SCO Unix


Windows NT


DEC Unix


Others upon request 


Where to Get More Information

Take a look at the CSS HTML manual (very technical): 

Commercial Spooling System Browse the Manual online

Commercial Spooling System Download the Manual for offline viewing


Commercial Spooling System Download the WinCss Help File


Where to Buy CSS and WinCss

International Representatives

Order and Sales Inquiries


Support for multiple virtual print server environments. Ideal for service center and distributed application server implementations

Device independent programming

Database for printer and forms definitions

Database for printer and forms definitions

Form definition utility / laser printer macro administration

Easy to operate dialog program for complete user control and report preview

Embedded lpr options within the report files

Administration of multiple report queues

Printer redirection

Report-Preview (preview of spool files, search capabilities)

Print test (paper adjust)

Report management with keep-date

Translation tables for characters and strings

Real multi-user capabilities

Real multi-user capabilities

Compression of the spool files

Remote print support for lpd, rtel, pros and raw protocols

Graphical interface for Windows workstations

New in Release 4.1

Support for multiple virtual print server environments.

Special view devices designed for existing software with hard coded printer control sequences.

Exciting new WinCss outline view for easy selection of printers and reports.

FreeCSS available for personal use.


Screen Shots

Yes, they still exist, good old character based terminals. In fact there are still a lot out there. That's why CSS supports an ASCII interface.

ASCII Interface

CSS Screen Shots

Graphical Interface

WinCss Screen Shots




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